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To those who are attempting to contact me on Skype who are still using a “live” account (i.e. “live:xxxponylover420”), please note that the client I’m using doesn’t support these accounts. You’ll have to make a normal Skype account if you wish to contact me properly.

Sorry for this inconvenience.

I get emails and messages almost every single day about permission to use my music in their videos, parties, and whatever else. My answer is always the same: Yes, you may. You can use my music any way you like, as long as you provide credit. Just toss up a source link to the video on YouTube, Bandcamp or Soundcloud so they can find the songs.

However, if you fail to provide the source of the music, then sAviOr will throw banelings into your natural and you will cry. Pic related.


In a few days from now I’ll be leaving to go visit friends and family in another part of the country, and I’ll be there for several weeks, so don’t get nervous if you don’t hear from me in awhile. I feel like I really got a lot done in 2013, especially getting out that music albumThanks for all the support so far!

In the event something happens to this blog while I’m gone ( i.e. gets deleted for literally no reason ), there’s a whole bunch of different places to find me at. ( Links at the bottom of this post ). If you’re not already following me on other sites absolutely urge you to make an account and do so on at least one of my other sites! I will be posting all of art & animations on both Inkbunny and FurAffinity — I’ll put most of my animations on Newgrounds as well if any of you still use that— and all of my music on YouTube and Soundcloud. Don’t forget that you can always contact me via Email or Skype, too!

A few words…

I want to say a few words about a few important people. First of all I want make a shout-out to Tiarawhy, who’s not only been a fun partner to work with these past months, but also an incredible friend. They are constantly surprising me with how quickly they improve and find new ways to be creative. Similar to Rock Candy, who I have worked with for years, Tiara and I seem to just work well together and get shit done.

Although I have not done any projects with him lately, R!P is also someone who’s really helped me out over the last couple of years. In case some of you have forgotten, R!P was the person I collaborated with to create my very first pony project - which fans have named “Three Curious Ponies.” The original title didn’t quite roll off the tongue so I can understand why they renamed it.

I also want to thank Kevinsano, someone who’s been a point of inspiration for virtually all of my pony “sketches”. Although I primarily consider him a friend, he’s also a very good mentor and teacher.

The last and far from least of my honorable mentions goes to Suddensharpintakeofbreath, known sometimes as GASP, who’s provided me with some incredible music for many of my games, including Three Curious Ponies, Trixie or Treat, Miaka, Apple Poker, and many more. If you’re not already following him on Soundcloud, shame on you! Really though, not only has he been great help with my music, he’s also been an amazing 5-star friend.

About my upcoming animations…

I get questions every single day asking about when my newest animation will be coming out and what it will feature. I try not to say too much too early because I don’t wanna get people all excited about something that might not be done for a long time. I only tend to build hype when I’m very close to releasing something. I’ve got several new animations in the works, one of them being the result of the Raffle Prize from earlier that many of you participated in. Another animation in the works will be kinda like Miaka, except with ponies. There’s also plans for a game, one that you actually walk around in and such, that me and Tiarawhy have been brainstorming ideas about for a long time. Bottom line: I’ve got a lot of stuff planned out, but these things take time. When I get close to finishing one of these projects I’ll let you all know.

I’d estimate that in Spring of 2014, you can probably expect at least a couple of big projects to pop up.

Various website links:

Skype: Mittsies


tl;dr version: BRB LOL

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